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By the Flame -

A Watcher's Vow.

メグ-さま(The Meg)
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Like all poets, I find myself most alive with the music blaring.

If I were to define myself, I would describe myself as two sides of a coin: the dreamer and the dancer.

The dreamer is the world of the poet. Scribbling down song lyrics with soft, subtle melodies. This one is not a depressed state, but a thinking state. Where the dreamer hides away to be with her thoughts, this is when she is able to clear her mind for active production and clear analysis. The dreamer loves symphonies, sophisication, and the serene. The dreamer loves love and intellect. Easily found reading a favorite novel for the eighth time.

The dancer is the world of other people. Lost in a sea of smiling faces and senseless, intelligent conversation. This one is not a thoughtless state, but one of lighthearted fun that means the world. Where the dancer goes to be herself, she can say or do anything she feels. Where the dreamer finds freedom in idea, the dancer finds freedom in action and movement. The dancer loves high-energy, concerts, parties, and hanging out. The dancer loves passion and confidence. Easily found with friends - in music, in laughter, in peace.

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